Grow and Develop – Why Follower Growth is Essential on Social Media

We cannot stop emphasizing the importance of follower quality over follower quantity for influencer marketing. It is obvious that inactive followers or, even worse, bots are not of any qualitative value for a channel. Nonetheless, a certain follower number is necessary if an influencer wants to attract brands and companies for cooperations – with 175 followers, my own channel will most likely not evoke the excitement of any marketer. But one aspect which is even more important than a solid number of followers is the steady follower growth of a channel or, in other words, attracting new followers constantly.

What is the follower growth rate?

The follower growth rate describes the percentage of new followers an influencer or an account gains. It is calculated by comparing the number of new followers to the number of existing followers. Our software InfluencerDB calculates the follower growth rate based on the last four weeks.  

Why even attract new followers if you already have a loyal following?

You might wonder: Why is it necessary to constantly grow my channel by attracting new followers when I already have a strong and loyal following?

Generally, the longer a person uses a social network like Instagram, the more indifferent the user becomes regarding content on the platform. And when following an influencer for a long time, it might happen that a user becomes less engaged with the influencer’s content. These users can be hard to thrill at times.

New users, on the other hand, just start to explore the Instagram world and are much easier to delight since they are not yet oversaturated by the amount of content on the platform. 

The importance of follower growth for brand cooperations

Thus, a steady growth rate is advisable for influencers to be interesting for brand cooperations. A growing channel indicates that the influencer is still relevant in the social media universe and the influencer can attract a growing interest in his or her content.

Follower growth OhhcoutureFollower growth OhhcoutureExample of steady follower growth

A brand would not want to work with an influencer who stops attracting followers halfway through a campaign. This is especially important for long-term cooperations, like testimonial campaigns. A stagnant growth might indicate that the content of an influencer became irrelevant for users outside of the influencer’s already existing following.

Stagnant follower growthStagnant follower growthExample of stagnant follower growth

Additionally, brands constantly want to attract new potential customers. Therefore, a certain mixture of long-term followers, as well as new ones in an influencer’s following, is necessary to not only reach those followers who already are fans and customers of a brand anyways.

Follower growth as an indicator of attracting potential customers

The same is applicable for brand channels: A solid followership on social media ensures reaching more people and building a strong community full of potential customers, but make sure to attract new followers/ potential customers as well on a regular basis.


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