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It’s time to convince your boss to invest in Influencer Marketing Software. You know it. Your team knows it. But how can you make your boss know that Influencer Marketing Software is valuable on all ends, increasing cost- and time-efficiency, and needed to further increase the success of your influencer marketing strategy?

You need to keep in mind what you want to communicate and how you want to communicate it. Having all the benefits of Influencer Marketing Software at hand for your argumentation is important but knowing how to wrap these arguments in the right messaging counts even more.

In general, people fear loss more than they desire benefits. So, let’s bring you up to speed on how you can reduce your boss’s current risks with Influencer Marketing Software. After reading (and sharing) this blog post, you’ll have your boss’s support in no-time. 


Faster Workflows For Influencer Marketing Strategies

By using Influencer Marketing Software, the entire workflow of your influencer marketing strategy can be optimized. Influencer Marketing Software like InfluencerDB’s Influencer Community Management Software provides an all-in-one solution to simplify your work efforts related to your influencer marketing strategy.

From influencer relationship management to campaign management, InfluencerDB’s Influencer Community Management Software compiles all of these things in one hub to facilitate your entire influencer marketing process.


How does it reduce your boss’s risk? 

Having everything in one place contributes to risk reduction in two ways: First of all, all important docs and stats will be stored in one place and you’ll avoid losing them in the digital jumble on your computer or drive. Secondly, you can reduce the risk to spend an unnecessary huge chunk of your already limited capacity on administrative tasks.


Collaborative influencer marketing campaigns

No matter how small or big your team, with Influencer Marketing Software, everyone is up-to-speed in all efforts related to your planned, ongoing or past campaigns with just a few clicks. The InfluencerDB Influencer Community Management Software is easily accessible no matter where you or your team is located.  

How does it reduce your boss’s risk? 

Improving collaborative workflows by using Influencer Marketing Software reduces the risk of missing opportunities due to miscommunication about campaign updates.

Additionally, you save time that your team usually spends on shifting around updated contact details or influencer contracts. Everything can be stored in InfluencerDB’s Network feature. No more excuses for colleagues to say they did not receive the latest version of a file. 


Making informed decisions about influencer relations 

Influencer Marketing Software allows you to find the perfect influencer-brand-match easier and faster. You can easily identify upcoming and successful influencers from manifold verticals. Establish strong relationships with successful influencers and expand your own influencer network!


How does it reduce your boss’s risk? 

With the implementation of Influencer Marketing Software, your boss can reduce the risk of spending money on poorly performing influencers and inefficient campaigns. Plus, you can save time during the decision-making process by always being up-to-date with the performance of your partners!


Having the influencer expert reputation

You can take this even a step further. Using Influencer Marketing Software gives you access to all relevant campaign KPIs, easy to share with just one click. InfluencerDB’s Influencer Community Management Software allows you to be an expert in your field and also be perceived as such. Influencers will see you as being more professional, they’ll know that you have all the magic it needs to execute a well-managed campaign, and track results. 


How does it reduce your boss’s risk? 

Your boss doesn’t want to be one of ⅔ who experiences influencer fraud. Being on top of the influencer relations game reduces the risk to be played the fool. Work with valuable partners that encourage great conversations around your brand exclusively. Facilitate outreach and negotiation by having valuable expert knowledge. Hence, your boss can reduce the risk to spend money on fraudulent influencers. 


Do you need any more reasons to get started?

Convincing your boss to invest money into Influencer Marketing Software will add value to your workflows, decision-making processes, influencer relationship and campaign management and, most importantly, will heavily facilitate your daily work. Save your limited time to do what you do best: Executing brilliant campaigns and expanding your influencer and ambassador community! Don’t worry about administrative tasks and juggling paperwork.

If your boss does not invest in Influencer Marketing Software, your influencer marketing strategy will be at high risk to be time- and cost-inefficient. Having a supportive technical infrastructure will speed up your processes, ease your daily work, facilitate communication within your team (and with other teams in your company – think holistically!) and strengthen the bonds with existing and new partners.



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