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Eliminate the manual monotony of influencer identification. Discover breakthrough creators and inspirational partners who take your campaigns to the next level with our Discovery module!

Your go-to influencer database

Identify captivating influencers in seconds with Find Influencers – our global influencer database!

Refine your search with the Influencer Marketing Cloud’s advanced filters – such as number of followers, like follower ratio, country, language or category.

Results include essential influencer metrics so that you can instantly decide to add an influencer to your influencer network and expand your own database.

Discover relevant partners and take your collaborations to the next level!

Essential Metrics Instantly

Any influencer’s profile in the Influencer Marketing Cloud displays crucial Media Metrics at a glance.

The follower growth graph is your first stop to see how the account has evolved over time and whether its follower growth is organic. Sudden spikes or decreases can indicate fraud or suspicious behavior.

Learn more about an influencer’s potential for virality by analyzing any Instagram account’s mentions and Earned Media Value.

All metrics in one dashboard for a smoother influencer vetting process!

Audience Estimations at a glance

Easily check any influencer’s audience estimations with the Influencer Marketing Cloud. Evaluate whether a creator reaches your desired audience.

Our exclusive Quality Grade shows you at first glance if an influencer attracts high-quality followers on Instagram.

Learn if an influencer’s followers are active and potentially interested in the sponsored content your partner creates.

Build a community of high-quality influencers to execute the best influencer marketing campaigns!

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