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Monitor the Global Instagram Universe

Stop tracking your campaign output manually! See all content from influencers that mention your brand in one place with our Measurement module, including crucial performance metrics at a moment’s notice!


Never miss any mention of your brand

Conveniently measure your influencer marketing success with our advanced Monitoring feature. You can instantly prove the value of your influencer marketing efforts to your boss or clients on demand.

With automated reporting on any account or hashtag, you can easily track KPIs for every post from accounts that mention your brand, tag your brand, or use your brand hashtag.

Filter posts by followers, media value, most likes or even select the timeframe of your latest campaign.

Be the first to know whenever anyone talks about your brand organically, and identify potential partners for your next campaign!

Competitor Analysis Made Easy

Our Monitoring is not limited to your own Instagram account – you can see every brand channel worldwide, allowing for a quick evaluation of other brands.

See which creators are mentioning your competitors, as well as how these posts and Stories perform.

Learn how successful your competitors are and evaluate your own performance accordingly.

Take competitive benchmarking to the next level!

Sync our Monitoring Data with Your Tech Stack

The data in the Influencer Marketing Cloud’s Monitoring can be synced with other software from your tech stack through an API interface.

Access all data without limits, beyond what’s available via the Influencer Marketing Cloud’s front end.

Conveniently sync our Monitoring data with programs like Tableau, Zapier or Segment and effortlessly combine multiple data points from various systems simultaneously.

Make the most out of your tech stack!

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