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You expect the best results from your team; shouldn't your software provide that too? InfluencerDB is the only software that can scale with your business needs with a best in class user experience and the highest quality data.

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The missing business tool you didn't know you needed.

InfluencerDB Pro puts the power in your hands. Whether you outsource your campaigns or do it all in-house, we provide all the tools to support your team and protect your budget.


Manage your campaigns from beginning to end without stressing the team.

  • The power of a research team at your fingertips
  • Manage and protect your marketing budget
  • Easy access software for your whole team
  • Measure success quickly and easily
  • Scale the number of campaigns as needed


Get ahead of your competitors and never lose another RFP.

  • Deliver results that create retention
  • Increase profitability with internal efficiencies
  • Never worry about data integrity
  • Pre-empt your competitors with easy to read reports
  • Take the guess work out of the discovery process


Collaborate with multiple departments no matter the location and size of team.

  • Accountability is key; easily manage campaigns at scale
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes; keep hold of your knowledge base
  • Standardize KPI’s of success across the organization
  • Build and own your own network

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