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Influencer Marketing is no longer just a tactic, it’s a profitable industry estimated to reach $10Billion by 2020 and continue to evolve into an efficient marketplace. Leverage the most comprehensive and highest quality data to create your winning pitch.

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Use the most advanced AI-Powered Search software and crush the Competition leveraging the best data.

Create a list of influencers that are right for your client quickly and easily with advanced filter options. Filter by engagement rates, audience location or hashtags.

Identify New Business Opportunities Before.

Prove the value your team provides by providing reports on your brands channels and hashtags. Keep tabs on their competitors and see which influencers they are collaborating with.

Protect your clients influencer Marketing Budget, create a loyal customer.

Quickly spot suspicious behavior and purchased followers before you engage any influencer for your clients campaign. Fraudulent behavior will negatively impact the campaign ROI, damage brand equity and tarnish your client relationship.

Increase team efficiencies and Productivity Without compromising quality.

Don’t re-use potentially out dated information. Increase efficiencies with a software that provides, instant report, up to date demographics and is focused on fraud prevention.

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