Work with the most powerful and flexible software for large organizations.

Spend your time accelerating your influencer marketing results, not worrying about your software license. Arm your team with the best advanced analytics and influencer management software that allows them to collaborate across the organization and optimize efficencies.

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Collaborate Easily on your Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

Even the largest teams can easily share influencer lists, track campaigns success and keep up-to-date campaign records. Say goodbye to out-of-date spreadsheets! InfluencerDB Pro grows with your needs.

Monitor your Own Brand Performance and Competitors.

Prove the value of your influencer marketing efforts by instantaneous reporting on brand channels and hashtags. Don’t get beat by the competition! Keep tabs on which influencers are collaborating with which brands. Don’t wait for the campaign to end to react to results, stay ahead of the curve!

Build and own your own network; create valuable relationships.

You invest in long term success. Build a database of ambassadors and advocates that you can nurture into your network of influencers. Store the information in the same place you run your campaigns.

Spend less time worrying about functionality and focus on efficiencies.

InfluencerDB’s UI, advanced data science and workflow’s, will reduce friction in the process, keep your team organized while optimizing their time for better productivity. Focus on results, accountability, team performance and increase profitability.

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