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Someone turns into an InfluencerDBPro client thanks to your promotion? That's great! You'll receive a 10% bonus for each new customer who converted through your personal partner link.

Become a Partner!

Join our partner program now and start promoting InfluencerDBPro, the leading Influencer Marketing software solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When you join as an InfluencerDB Partner, you will receive immediate access to the Partner Dashboard, where you can quickly and easily see how many visits, leads, and sales come from your Partner Link. Once you begin accumulating money, you will also see your account balance in the Partner Dashboard.

We differentiate between visits, leads and sales. A visit is counted whenever a user visits our website via your personal partner link. A lead happens when a visitor downloads our resources or requests a demo. A sale is counted when a lead converts into an InfluencerDB customer by purchasing one of our software license packages. Only sales get rewarded. You can find your InfluencerDB Partner link in our Partner Dashboard.

You’ll currently have to request a payout manually. You can request a payout once you have accumulated 200,00 € in sales. If that’s the case, just send an official invoice to InfluencerDB and we’ll transfer the requested amount into your bank or PayPal account. All relevant details can be found in our partner dashboard. We are working on improving the process to offer automated cash out.

When exceeding the minimum value of 200,00 € in sales, commission payout can be requested. Payment only happens cashless to the bank or PayPal account stated on your official invoice to InfluencerDB.

That totally depends on you. You will receive a percentage share of any sale that is connected to you through your Partner Link. You can actively find and refer qualified visitors or simply share your Partner Link and hope to generate passive income. The more visitors you bring to InfluencerDB who convert to sales, the more money you will make.

No cost at all! There is absolutely no cost associated with registering for the InfluencerDB partner program.

If you have any feedback or questions about being an InfluencerDB Partner, please contact our support via We constantly strive to improve our services, and all feedback is welcome. If you decide you no longer want to earn money as an InfluencerDB Partner, please email and we’ll delete your data from our service.