InfluencerDB Components

Last updated: July 21, 2020

This document describes features and components (“Components”) of InfluencerDB’s Influencer Community Management Software (The “Product”), as well as potential limits that may apply and may impact a User’s ability to use a certain Component.

If the User’s Subscription includes a limit on any of the Components, User will only have access to as many units as defined in the Subscription document (e.g. offer letter). Components that are not defined as part of a Subscription are currently provided without a limit to the respective User.

This document may be updated from time to time without prior notice to Users as changes to the Product are being released to stay up to date in terms of the relevant definitions.

Components: The Product currently has five (5) separate components:
a) Contact Management
b) Campaign Management
c) Inbound Request Management
d) Community Management
e) Discovery & Analytics Add-On

These components and the limits for using them depend on the User’s Subscription. Each Subscription may be accessed by multiple Users via separate, individual Logins. The number of Logins may be limited. Different logins may come with different rights and levels of access to proprietary data stored in your Subscription (“Customer Data”) and Components.

Contacts: Contacts may be added to a User’s Contact Management. The maximum number of available Contacts in a User’s Subscription may be limited. Contacts may be used to manually or automatically gather and store Customer Data which is not going to be shared with any Login that is not connected to User’s Subscription.

Logins: Number of accounts included in your Subscription that can be used to log into the Product. An account is identified by a unique email address. While InfluencerDB employs technical functions to track logins and accounts to ensure security of Customer Data within the Product, it remains the sole responsibility of each account holder to make sure unauthorized access to the account is prevented.

Campaigns: Campaigns are a the core part of the Campaign Management. In Campaigns you can organize multiple Deals you negotiate with Contacts from your Network. The number of Campaigns that can be created is not limited unless it is explicitly mentioned in the Subscription document.

Discovery & Analytics Add-On: This Component covers access to data of different Social Media Platforms (“Platforms”, e.g Instagram, YouTube etc.). Additionally, it consists of the following features: (i) Discovery and (ii) Analytics, where Discovery may be limited by the number of searches over a certain time frame and the number of results shown. Additionally, it may be limited in terms of availability of certain filters and functionalities, and Analytics may be limited by the number of unique pages viewed over a certain time frame. Additionally, certain data points may require unlocking from the User using “Credits”.

Credits: Credits may be used to get access to additional data points of certain channels within the Product’s Discovery & Analytics Add-On. These Credits are provided as a monthly maximum volume that may not be carried over if not exhausted.

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