For more impactful partnerships between brands & creators

InfluencerDB is the industry’s prime Influencer Community Management Software. Our technology supports businesses in establishing better and more impactful partnerships with creators.

Our clients use their Influencer Communities as their most powerful asset. They are aware that creators are more than media platforms – they are authentic, long-term partners. Our Members feature helps brands to get closer to their partners by centralizing multiple ways of communication in one place.


What’s in it for you?

As a brand’s Community Member, you can create your personal Member Account and enjoy the full benefits of being a brand partner. Get in touch with the brand effortlessly via chat and email and always have a personal contact at your favorite brands. Receive exclusive event invitations, get early access to campaign pitches, and earn unique product discounts!

InfluencerDB Members Account Setup

Create your exclusive Member Account

As a member of a brand’s Influencer Community, the brand can invite you to set up your personal Member account. Create your account to get even closer to your brand partner and enjoy exclusive membership benefits!

Manage your personal settings

Once your account is set up, you can change your personal details, update your password and select your notification settings. You can also choose to leave the brand’s Community if you wish so.

InfluencerDB Members Account Settings
InfluencerDB Members Chat

Start meaningful conversations

You’re all set! The brand can now reach out to you via chat and email and you have a direct, personal contact at your brand partner instead of an anonymous mass inbox. You together can form an authentic, impactful relationship by keeping in touch on a regular basis. You’ll enjoy exclusive event invitations, unique product discounts and get invited to join the brand’s upcoming campaign!


Establish authentic, impactful partnerships

Enjoy exclusive membership benefits

Stay in touch with your brand partners

What we don’t provide

InfluencerDB is not a Marketplace, nor an Agency. We don’t mediate between creators and brands. We are a technology company and provide software that empowers brands to build their influencer network, manage their contacts and data, centralize their communication and activate their community in the form of campaigns and other activities.

We also offer services for creators!

Social Connect

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