Amazon Influencer Program

    Table of contents
  1. 1. What is Amazon influencer program?
  2. 2. Overview
  3. 3. Relevance to influencer marketing
  4. 4. How the Amazon influencer program is done

What is Amazon influencer program?

The Amazon influencer program works as a beneficial marketing tool. It allows influencers to gain commissions in the same manner as affiliate marketers do, and this allows brands to sell their products through an effective social media account. The Amazon influencer program is how Amazon is leveraging the social media industry and all of its influencers. 

Sites that qualify for the program are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Influencers get to create their own storefronts as a single webpage with a custom URL. Rewards are given when customers make purchases through a page, for it will be no different from a product page but with the backdrop of an influencer that people know. 

Participating influencers are judged or qualified by their number of followers, the quality of their content, average conversion metrics and etiquette. 



Amazon developed the influencer program to take advantage of a large movement that is now increasing the numbers of influencers around the globe. The opportunity provides “social e-commerce retailers” a platform to boost their sales with if having products and an active social media following. Creating user-generated content (UGC) and developing an account of active followers is all it takes. 

The Amazon influencer program was launched in 2017 for general influencer management

The program includes Native Shopping Ads among other tools that spread the word about an influencer's page and the contents found there. The ads program works by presenting content to consumers that are active on Amazon’s site. It’s only one suggestion of influencer management that generates leads to an active page. 

The ads work by finding similar searches that visitors on Amazon make. You’ve often seen this when shopping for books and other products. Below your purchase are suggestions based on your search history, what similar buyers have looked at and what the influencer optimizes as relevant keywords in their own page content. 


Relevance to influencer marketing

This is an opportunity to take an influencer marketing status higher. Amazon offers the program through the same financial structure as they do their affiliate marketing program. Likewise, traffic has to be driven to an influencer's page. Associated bloggers, for example, average roughly one percent click-through rates of buyers. There is some work involved. 

Being a social media-connected platform enables influencers to change how leads are seeing calls to action in whole. The influencer’s relationship in this program must continue to be strategic. There are some differences to note between affiliate marketing and influencer marketing on Amazon. The primary difference is how leads are generated: one through websites and the other through social media. 

Influencers are able to use this program to help brands reach more people. The first benefit to this online partnership is by connecting to a website that has tremendous optimizing power. This is Amazon’s position. Influencers don't have to actually get products sold. They can, however, immediately benefit by having an optimized page with their names and keywords embedded. 

It’s also an SEO opportunity that’s still fresh and new and can be beneficial to the influencer depending on how it’s used. 


How the Amazon influencer program is done

Influencers leverage the program by treating their pages as if a website or blog. Their popularity then extends over to the products being represented on that page. 

Amazon takes away common insecurity consumers have if asked to visit an unknown site. They visit the influencer instead. A program is an effective tool: one that can build new relationships for companies and their products. These companies look for influencers that can spread their message and get more people looking at what they offer. 

Influencers have the opportunity to develop their own persona while negotiating with businesses of all kinds. Business products, however, have to be available on Amazon for you to then list them on an influencer’s page. 

Links to the page are spread via account bios, social media posts, about sections, or video descriptions. Amazon now allows links to be shared via email marketing. Influencers, like associates, can earn up to 8 percent through “advertising fees.” The highest fee paid is 10 percent and depends on the items listed in the user agreement. Its lowest fee is 1 percent as associated with video game sales, 5 percent for music and outdoor goods with 10 percent being reserved for luxury and fashion products.