How To Find Influencers

    Table of contents
  1. 1. How to find social influencers
  2. 2. Overview
  3. 3. Advantages and disadvantages
  4. 4. Relevance
  5. 5. Best practices

How to find social influencers

Influencers can be found by working with online tools, doing research and by being engaged with popular social media sites. Doing a simple Google search can be effective as long the specific niche, target audience and platform are understood by marketers. Influencer marketing platforms can help marketers to collect metrics about specific influencers and how well they’re performing. 

These tools enable agencies to understand how people are compared to other influencers as well as the industry standards. There’s no single factor to find influencer, and the work requires due diligence. The new influencer marketing industry expands fast, and top professionals become more difficult to reach. 



The popularity of influencer marketing results in brands and agencies being created solely for the work of connecting influencers with the right companies. These marketing firms are a result of influencers making a name for themselves. Marketing agencies have been experimenting with how influencing can increase buyers for a niche brand. 

Relationships with larger corporations have now become possible among social media professionals. Past results have been recorded, and the rewards have become clear. Working with social media platforms enables brands to reach a larger audience and through the relationship, the consumer has with the people they listen to and trust. 

New tools, firms, and websites cater to bring brands and influencers together. 


Advantages and disadvantages

You’ll find both advantages and disadvantages in the current marketplace for influencer management. You have to make a decision on whether or not money will be involved. Partnering with influencers requires that both sides find a benefit out of the deal. Costs are established through a per-post basis or through a one-time fee for a long-term campaign

Paying for this partnership also occurs with boundaries similar to affiliate marketing 

In this process, influencers earn commission rates based on how much business they generate. Some brands are so big that they enable influencers to gain greater exposure, and they thus work with influencers for free. Finding the right professional is possible through niches, but there are some competitive considerations to make. 

Consider these when leveraging the pros and cons of influencer marketing: 

  • Niche: Always work in the same niche, or the audience of an influencer won’t be engaged. 
  • Knowing The Framework of Your Campaign: Enter into business once there’s a framework for the type of campaign to go into effect. 
  • Budgeting:  Always have the cost in consideration, and understand how far a budget will go. 
  • Knowing The Platform:  Choosing the right niche requires a brand to choose the right social media platform. 
  • Finding Authenticity:  Authenticity is measured by how engaged people are. One thousand likes from a following of 1,000 is a perfect engagement conversion. 



Diversity is key to ensuring that every marketing campaign is as impactful as possible. Market changes have made influencer management a skill. A strategy is necessary for creating the perfect influencer marketing campaign and in finding the right influencer. It’s not enough to use the tools and websites that exist. 

Approaching the right influencer may require time, a change in strategy or a larger network of professionals to help reach the ideal person. 

Every option must be pursued with a strategic plan. The tools are ripe for the taking, but the popularity of influencing will put you up against other brands. 


Best practices

Three social media sites rank the highest when measured by the power of influence. These are important to consider for the specific branding campaign planned to go into effect. 

Consider these top sites and how their content is presented as well as the audience found on each: 


Looking for niche content is key as this site now works through a special tool called Branded Content Matching. This pushes Facebook deeper into influencing as a marketing strategy. 


Trending posts on Snapchat have the highest potential for going viral. The site appeals to a younger crowd, so take age and demographics into account. 


Engagement is key to finding influencers through Instagram. This is a site with visual appeal, and influencers need to be exceptional at creating visual content.