Forbes Top Influencers List

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  1. 1. What is the Forbes top influencer list? 
  2. 2. How is the list created?
  3. 3. Why do influencer marketers need that list?
  4. 4. Who are on the list?
  5. 5. How will this change influencer marketing?

What is the Forbes top influencer list? 

Forbes magazine now publishes an exciting list called Forbes Top Influencers. The list follows professionals making as much as $300,000 per YouTube video and thousands per social media post. This list covers a popular trend developing through social media influencers worldwide. The list uses categories for influencers, identifies who they are and why they’re holding so much clout. 

These socialites come from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their accounts are holding hundreds of thousands to millions of followers. Top influencers are inspiring the world today, and Forbes is now offering a quarterly list of “the most influential.” Each candidate is placed in categories such as Home, Fitness, and Beauty. 

Detailed analytics are being applied to rate the impact each influencer is making. Potential earnings is a major factor along with engagement ratios and the number of sells they spur through popular campaigns. 


How is the list created?

The top influencer list is publicly accepted because of the depth of the database it provides. The list not only gives a clear understanding of who influencers are or which category they’re in. It’s also backed by analytics. The dynamic of an effective influencer account isn’t limited to the number of followers that they claim to have. 

Those followings have to also be engaged. The quality of content is another measurement to be weighed against. Take a look at the top influencers, and content becomes an immediate factor to their status. An emerging professional will have serious difficulty becoming an influencer if they’re not funded. Those who are listed as “influential” have intricate influencer marketing campaigns, beautiful location settings, glamour and a steady flow of each. Industry trends are the most important factor for data like this. 

Influencer management is now operating at such a competitive level that every metric has to be collected for competitive grounds. Factor in that social media accounts and their influencers are teaming up with other influencers and managers. The process enables a self-sustaining workforce within the marketing industry. 

This industry is still defining itself and redefines our business identities as a result. 


Why do influencer marketers need that list?

Influencers have always worked in public marketing. They enable connections to be made with the target audience of small and large businesses. The expansion of social media redefines how influencers forward their work and how they’re rewarded for it. We accept the notion: influencers are no longer limited to being popular celebrities

Emerging influencers often have little professional backgrounds. They have an outstanding following of people listening to and observing their every word instead. Here’s where the new age in marketing is underway. The Forbes Top Influencers are collected from an expanding influencer marketing industry


Who are on the list?

Just like quarterly earnings among corporate-level businesses, the productivity of these people is tracked by a famed publisher known for its work in covering the developments of the business world. Take a look at a quick overview of the categories and the top influencers now holding substantial clout through influencer marketing: 


  • Waffles the Cat 
  • Tuna the Dog 
  • Nala the Cat 
  • Marnie the Dog 
  • Manny the Frenchie 


  • Naomi Davis 
  • Amber Fillerup 
  • Joanna Goddard 
  • Bunmi Laditan 


  • Danielle Bernstein 
  • Julia Engel 
  • Chiara Ferragni 
  • Gabi Gregg 


  • King Bach 
  • Cameron Dallas 
  • Shane Dawson 
  • Hannah Hart 


  • Johnny Jet 
  • The Planet D 
  • Chris Burkard 
  • Louis Cole 
  • Brian Kelly 

Other categories include Gaming, Fitness, Beauty, Home, Food, Tech & Business and Kids


How will this change influencer marketing?

Forbes magazine claimed tremendous notoriety through its yearly lists of the world’s richest people and companies. These lists are used as a measuring tool to find potential business opportunities. They give the public access to who’s relevant to do business with. 

What the Forbes brand now captures is a competitive environment in marketing. The specific market has steadily developed since social media emerged. The force behind influencer management is the support that leaders share through a following. Influencers are not only inspiring, but their influence is grounded in public admiration. 

Social media followers want to be or do what their major influencers are. This concept spurs the growth of the influencer marketing industry and the diverse population of social media accounts that businesses now have access to market from. Setting the standards for the industry is only possible when people know more, and that awareness is what the Forbes Top Influencer list enables.