How To Reach Out To Influencers

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  1. 1. Influencer outreach campaign
  2. 2. The best ways to reach out to an influencer

Influencer outreach campaign

Anyone managing a business, whether it be an online enterprise or a brick and mortar operation, can greatly benefit from the advertising reach and exposure of a prominent influencer on social media. Influencers come in all shapes and sizes, they can be predominately social media based, have a huge following on Instagram, use a blog-based platform (as a blogger), or engage with their audience through YouTube. If an influencer taps into a target market that represents a ripe advertising venue for your business, then forging a relationship with that influencer can be a huge asset to your company and help to improve your bottom line. 

Influencer outreach campaigns aren't always as straightforward as one might assume. Influencers are often inundated with hundreds or even thousands of advertising offers per month, so there is no guarantee that your offer or inquiry will even be read or acknowledged. There are, however, many tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your outreach efforts don't go unanswered or simply fade into an influencer's email inbox clutter. Please continue reading the article below and we'll walk you through some highly effective ways to reach out to an influencer. 


The best ways to reach out to an influencer

1. Build a relationship with influencers

If you ask any influencer marketing expert what the most effective way to reach out to an influencer is, they'll all give you the same answer. That answer is "build a relationship". By following the influencer through social media on their preferred platform and engaging with their content, the influencer will see that you've made a time investment in taking an interest in them. The easier it is for the influencer to see your engagement with their content, the more likely it is that they'll promptly respond to any offer or inquiry that you've sent to them.

2. Send a personalized message

The best influencer management experts out there are masters in the art of personalized business contact. When contacting an influencer be sure to steer clear of bland template style messages. The most effective way of ensuring that your message is read and responded to is to craft a personalized message with professional business overtones. Remember, your first contact with an influencer is the foundation of your relationship with them, so make it count. 

3. Only submit a well-researched offer or proposal

Influencer marketing is a serious business and it should be treated as such. The quickest route to failing at an outreach campaign (as a part of the overall influencer marketing campaign) is by submitting an offer or proposal that isn't well researched. A low ball offer or confused business proposal isn't likely to be well received by an influencer, and it will likely cause them to cease all further communication with you. Before submitting an offer or business proposal to an influencer, do enough research and homework to ensure that you're not wasting anyone's time or undervaluing their business. 

4. Communicate clearly

When contacting an influencer make sure that your message is personalized, professional, and very clear. Regardless of whether you send an email or direct message through Instagram, be extremely clear regarding your reason for contacting the person. If you're submitting an offer or a business proposal, then be sure to proofread the message several times before submitting it. It is also a great idea to have someone else proofread the message to form an objective perspective on it. Influencers, like many other business owners, can be short on time so be sure to take any guesswork out your contact with them. 

5. Respond promptly

Influencer management companies know the value of a prompt response in the fast-moving digital marketing world. Follow suit and always be prompt and on-time when responding to a message that you've received from an influencer. Their time is extremely valuable, so treat it as such. If you feel that more research or consideration is needed in order to respond to an influencer properly, then simply send them a quick note to let them know you'll be doing a bit more research and will respond later within a specified timeframe. Don't be late or leave an influencer waiting, as it could lead to them taking you far less seriously in future dealings.