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  1. 1. What is an influencers list?
  2. 2. Who uses an influencers list
  3. 3. How to create an influencers list
  4. 4. How is an influencer list typically organized
  5. 5. Who publishes the most prestigious list
  6. 6. Website based list providers

What is an influencers list?

With thousands of prominent influencers operating across a broad range of different platforms and content niches, it's hard for anyone to make sense of it all. That is where the influencers list comes into play, a nice and tidy informational overview of who is the most popular influencer in their respective category, who are the most popular influencers overall, and which influencers stand out on any given platform. These lists provide crucial information for any influencer management company or prospective advertiser, as selecting an influencer with the greatest audience reach or other desired attributes is always preferred. 


Who uses an influencers list

An influencers list is used by anyone in digital or influencer marketing, whether it be an influencer agency, prospective advertiser, internet content publisher, or influencers themselves. Influencer management companies will typically use the lists to recruit prospective influencers or present them to advertisers seeking out a suitable venue for an influencer marketing campaign. Advertisers use the lists to choose who is the most fitting influencer for their ad campaign based on reach ranking, niche, and platform. Bloggers and web media content providers typically compile and publish the lists to attract visitors to their websites, as demand for the lists has grown really strong over the last decade. And finally, influencers themselves use the lists to see if they ranked on any of them, or to see who their top ranking competitors are. 


How to create an influencers list

A list of influencers can be created in several ways. The most common way to create a list is with influencer list building software. These programs typically run on a pc or mac and can quickly build a list spanning different social media platforms using a large range of different filters. Another popular way to list build is by using free in-browser web tools. These browser-based tools are very proficient at putting together basic influencer lists, however, they are much less comprehensive than software-based list builders. Lastly, lists are also built manually, where a person will spend a lengthy period of time compiling a list generated from scratch. The downside to manually building a list is that rankings and other influencer metrics can change quickly, forcing the researcher to manually recalibrate the lists often. 

It's also a good idea to keep a separate list of the social media channels who are suspected to be fake influencers or commit fraudulent activities to boost their followers or engagement ratio. Marketers can then easily use a professional tool to analyze their profiles and find out the answer by themselves. 


How is an influencer list typically organized

A list of influencers is typically organized by factors such as overall audience size, reach, category, platform, geographic location, language, and more. The most sought-after stand-alone list is obviously a list of influencers with the largest total audience worldwide, regardless of any other filters. The second most sought-after list is the one categorized by platform, for example, it will list who are the top influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms. Instagram influencer lists tend to attract interest more than any other platform-based list. Other often sought out lists rank influencers by country, niche, and language. Beyond that, there are thousands upon thousands of lists spanning every category and using every filter or range of filters imaginable. 


Who publishes the most prestigious list

Forbes magazine features what is arguably the most prestigious influencer list published. While there are hundreds of other popular list publishers, nothing is as prestigious as Forbes due to the company's long history of publishing some of the most influential financial lists the world has ever known, such as their World's Billionaires List. Forbes also goes well beyond just posting a list of the most prominent influencers, using expert financial journalists they also rank the influencers based on their earned income, information that is carefully audited and analyzed for legitimacy by Forbes' legal and financial auditing departments. If you're an influencer, Forbes is probably the first list you'll want to appear on. 

For Instagram marketers, check out this top list of influencers on Instagram created and analyzed using InfluencerDB platform. 

Website based list providers

There are dozens of extremely popular websites that publish influencer lists that are updated live, meaning that these lists are always completely accurate. Many of these websites offer extremely comprehensive lists with a wide range of filters and search features. While these websites offer extremely comprehensive list building features, the lists are primarily used to garner a quick overview of influencer rankings. The lists are easy to view and very user-friendly, however, they are still quite simplistic when compared to highly complex influencer lists generated by professional influencer software.

An influencer marketing platform such as InfluencerDB usually allows users to create their own lists of potential influencers for collaboration. As an influencer marketing campaign is divided into different stages, it's very crucial for marketers to keep track of the stage of each collaborating influencers so that when problems occur, marketers can adjust their strategies quickly and easily as possible.

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