Influencer Marketing Statistics (2018)

    Table of contents
  1. 1. The hype of influencer marketing
  2. 2. Top 10 most impressive influencer marketing statistics in 2018
  3. 3. The future of influencer media in digital marketing

The hype of influencer marketing

For years and years, doom-and-gloom tech journalists and other digital marketing naysayers have been claiming that influencer driven marketing is a passing fad, an ad bubble, or an otherwise unstable phenomenon that is here today but will for sure be gone tomorrow. Despite these negative predictions, growing influencer marketing trends and the real numbers that back them continue to break new records, gain new ground, and are slowly reinforcing the fact that influencer-based marketing is a marketing model that is absolutely here to stay. 


Top 10 most impressive influencer marketing statistics in 2018

1. Astonishing ROI

Extensive and highly credible case studies have been done on numerous influencer-based marketing campaigns that consistently show that the marketing medium earns advertisers anywhere from $6-$8 for every $1 spent on influencer driven marketing. Traditional internet advertising models typically generate around $2 gained for every $1 spent. 

2. Men are more susceptible to impact by influencers

The study shows that 34.4% of men and only 15.4% of women are influenced by blog reviews for consumer electronics purchases. Men are 2x more likely than women to be influenced by blog reviews while shopping in-store. Another study shows that 22.8% of men are influenced by YouTube influencers in their buying decisions, while the proportion of women is just 13.9%. So depending on your target audiences, you can decide on the channel that is likely to be most effective.

3. Higher Retention Rates

One of the most interesting influencer marketing statistics is the fact that it has been proven that word-of-mouth ad models have a nearly 40 percent higher customer retention rate than standard paid advertisements

4. Astonishing success rates

Out of all influencer marketing statistics, the success rate might just shine the brightest. Nearly 85 percent of marketers that have tried influencer-based marketing have found it to be at least moderately successful. You will not find a success rate anywhere near that level with any other advertising model. 

5. Influencers now attract most advertisers

According to a recent study, nearly 85 all marketers plan on running an influencer based ad campaign within the next year. It's influencer marketing statistics like this one that proves not only is influencer driven marketing here to stay, it's the leading form of digital marketing available today. 

6. The decline of television usage and the rise of social media

New studies are showing that television viewership is declining by nearly 10 percent every year for the age range of 18-24-year-olds. That same age group is seeing nearly a 10 percent annual growth rate on influencer media channels across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites

7. Facebook's numbers are out of this world

This year it has been reported that the social media giant known as Facebook is home to 1.55 billion monthly users. Influencer management agencies around the world are lining up influencers to tap into Facebook's advertising potential. 

8. The netizens trust influencers more and more

Influencers garner substantially more trust from online users than traditional banner ads. An interesting set of influencer marketing statistics recently proved that 93 percent of online users trust word-of-mouth recommendations, whereas banner ads only received a trust rating of 33 percent. 

9. Adblockers are taking over

It has been recently reported that nearly 50 percent of internet users employ some form of adblocking technology. This technology blocks traditional ads from displaying in a web browser, thus pushing increasing numbers of prospective advertisers towards influencer-based marketing models, models that cannot be ad-blocked. 

10. YouTube and Instagram are ideal platforms for influencer marketing

A new study recently released has concluded that over 80 percent of American teenagers are predominantly influenced by personalities on either YouTube or Instagram. Influencer management agencies are dealing with an increasing number or millionaire influencers that are still in their early to mid-teens. 


The future of influencer media in digital marketing

Most experts in internet advertising believe adblockers will be a standard default software feature on nearly all smartphones, tablets, and pcs within a decade. With that, we will all likely see the end of many traditional forms of internet advertising such as pay per click (PPC), banner ads, affiliate ads, and others.

As influencer media is so much more organic and trustworthy than traditional internet advertising, it is widely agreed upon that influencers will continue to gain ground and remain firmly as the world's leading marketing strategy in the near future.