Media Value Per Post

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  1. 1. What is the media value per post?
  2. 2. The calculation of media value per post
  3. 3. Media value per post in influencer marketing
  4. 4. The metric defining a successful influencer marketing campaign

What is the media value per post?

The media value per post is an equivalent advertising value. The influencer marketing metric shows how much a similar Instagram ads post would be worth, considering the engagement and reach with the standard CPM of a universal Instagram ad. The media value per post is used by marketers to answer the following questions: 

  • What is a fair price to pay for an Instagram sponsored post?
  • Is there a way to reliably predict the traffic or sales that an Instagram post will generate?
  • How can the value of influencer marketing campaign be measured?


The calculation of media value per post

The media value per post is one of the most important factors of the influencer marketing metrics. This metric refers to the postings of an Instagram channel within the last four weeks in its calculation. Thus, the value can be understood as an indicator of how valuable the activities of an Instagram channel were during the previous month.

Example of media value per post  © InfluencerDB

Compatible with Instagram ads, this metric is calculated with Instagram’s CPM. Due to the fact that the engagement is getting more important to evaluate the reach of an Instagram channel, marketers should take not only the numbers of followers into account for the calculation but also the key quantitative metrics such as follower growth, like follower ratio, interaction rates, and other social media activities.


Media value per post in influencer marketing

For influencer marketers, the media value per post is supposed to be a comparative value to marketers’ expenses trying to achieve a similar reach by advertising through social media ads (e.g. Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads or Linkedin Ads). The metric indicates the value of an account’s activities. This is particularly helpful when researching and analyzing an influencer profile since the media value per post helps you to estimate how costly a collaboration with that particular influencer might be.

However, keep in mind that this is just an estimated value. Thus, marketers are suggested to combine media value per post with other metrics to get the full picture of an influencer. The actual expenses differ and depend on the type of collaboration as well as the quality and the metrics of each influencer. 

This metric also helps to understand what kind of media value has been generated by the influencer in the context of past collaborations. On the other hand, it gives you insights into understanding how valuable the content created in the context of your own collaboration is. Additionally, it gives you the chance to either compare different campaigns with each other or the performances of different influencers in the same campaign.


The metric defining a successful influencer marketing campaign

If a campaign is effective, the media value usually increases. This does not necessarily have to be the case for the company's own Instagram channel. Referring to your own account, an increasing earned media value can be observed in general. However, the influencer’s media value per post increases in the context of a successful campaign, which also might be interesting to observe for companies planning to collaborate with a specific influencer.

As the quality of influencers becomes more difficult to measure, the media value per post is a great indicator to understand the value of an Instagram channel. Furthermore, the metric has multiple advantages: 

  • Indicate an account’s overall value
  • Helps to understand the quality of an influencer in comparison to an influencer’s number of followers
  • can be used as a benchmark for an influencer’s pricing or at least gives you an idea of what an influencer might ask for a collaboration.
  • Can be used to compare the value of campaigns influencers are part of and the value influencers create with their postings