Influencer Marketing Blogs

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  1. 1. What is an influencer marketing blog?
  2. 2. Overview and development
  3. 3. Advantages
  4. 4. Disadvantages
  5. 5. Relevance
  6. 6. Blogging best practices
  7. 7. Top influencer marketing blogs

What is an influencer marketing blog?

An influencer marketing blog is a website about influencer marketing that's regularly updated. Most blogs have a reverse chronological list of each post. Users can usually search for specific content via a search function. Many businesses have a blog on their website because content marketing is essential for driving search engine traffic to the website and keeping customers engaged with the brand rather than going to a competitor. 

Blog posts are usually written in a conversational tone to keep visitors interested, but some blogs take on a formal tone because it appeals more to their target audience. When blogs were first invented, many people used them like personal diaries and online journals. But using them for informational and business purposes soon caught on. 


Overview and development

Blogs were introduced to the Internet in 1994 and were used as online journals. Bloggers who grew a large audience that eagerly awaited their next posts were some of the Internet's early influencers. As social media took over, the majority of influencers earned their statuses through social media. Many influencers still operate blogs in addition to their social media accounts for greater reach and to provide longer form content that they link to from their social accounts. And blogging remains a popular method used by businesses as part of their online marketing strategies. 

Individuals and businesses alike can earn money through blogging via affiliate links and marketing the company's products or services. However, bloggers must take an approach that won't be perceived as spammy to readers. The days of pushy banner ads and sales pitches are long gone. We think blogging will continue to be an integral part of conducting business well into the future.



  • Keep Up with the Latest News: One of the benefits of following an influencer marketing blog is businesses can keep up with the latest news in influence marketing. If new regulations are enforced, then readers will likely hear about it on the blog. Same goes for new trends. Many influencer marketing blogs will bring attention to what the latest trends are to help their readers stay ahead of the competition. 
  • Ideas: Brands that follow influence marketing blogs can be inspired by some of the case studies or trends discussed. They can come up with many great ideas from reading about what worked for others and what's trending. 
  • Increase in Traffic: When brands have an influencer mention them in a blog post or when they write a guest blog post for an influencer, they benefit from the influencer's traffic. Intrigued readers will check out the brand's website and if they like it, they may become customers or subscribers. 



  • Time-Consuming: Keeping up with blogs, whether as a writer or as a reader, is time-consuming. Brands that can't dedicate time to following blogs on influence marketing should hire a good influencer management agency or find a best-in-class influencer marketing platform to help them manage and run influence marketing campaigns successfully. 



Businesses interested in influencer marketing should maintain their own blogs if they don't have one already. They should also write guest blog posts for influencers and accept guest posts as a free way of using influence marketing. It's recommended that brands regularly read content from an influencer marketing blog that they find helpful in learning the craft. Although they can hire an influencer management agency, it's good to have a basic understanding of influence marketing too. 


Blogging best practices

Brands that want to maintain a blog should determine how often they will publish a new post each week and what topic areas they will cover. They should then map out how they will create the content. Most businesses will have to pay writers for content because it's typically too much work for the owner to do. 

Brands should also set up a page about guest blog post submissions to allow interested authors to create content for the blog in exchange for a link back to their website. Some businesses offer money in exchange for guest blog posts as an extra incentive or thank you. 

Brands should check if an influencer they work with has a blog. It's not necessary for them to have a blog, but it can be incorporated into the campaign. Even some Instagram influencers maintain blogs that they link to from their Instagram posts. When searching for a good influencer marketing blog for information, brands should look at the how much experience the blog has and whether or not it's a reliable source. 


Top influencer marketing blogs

According to MakeItMana, here are the best influencer marketing blogs that marketers should follow: 

1. InfluencerDB Blog

  • Specific advice for B2C brands
  • Leading combination advice on practical short-term results and building longer-term relations with influencers
  • Content on influencer identification, strategy, management, and analysis of influencer marketing campaigns.

2. Scott Guthrie

  • Current topics in influencer marketing
  • Award-winning content
  • A general dislike for ‘influencer advertising’.

3. Tom Augenthaler 

  • Advice on influencer marketing that can easily be applied
  • A fun and personable writing style
  • Data backed facts and figures.

4. Onalytica Blog

  • Deep insight into industry topics
  • Helpful how-to guides to all elements of the influencer marketing process
  • Industry-leading white papers on influencer relationship management.

5. Owain Williams

  • Straight talking influencer and digital marketing chat
  • Helpful resources
  • Occasional bad language
  • Comedic value and expert GIF usage.

6. Traackr Blog

  • Attention-grabbing blog titles
  • Deep insight calling on their extensive knowledge and experience
  • How to guides, interviews with industry leaders and success stories.