How To Get Followers on Instagram

    Table of contents
  1. 1. Who are followers on social media?
  2. 2. Overview and technique development
  3. 3. Advantages
  4. 4. Disadvantages
  5. 5. Why businesses should know how to get followers on Instagram
  6. 6. Best practices

Who are followers on social media?

On social media such as Instagram, followers are people who subscribe to another person's profile on the website or app. Rather than calling it subscribing, social media users refer to it as "following". YouTube, however, opts for the term subscribers over followers. Two terms that new social media users often get confused are "following" and "followers". On one's profile, "following" refers to other users they are following and "followers" are those who are following them. 

Every social media profile has a follower button that users can click to follow that individual. Getting followers on social media is a slow process for most people because they don't have a strategy. Brands want to gain as many followers as possible, so they need to implement certain techniques to speed up the process. 

It's against the terms of most social media sites to pay for followers, so brands must read the terms of service before implementing any technique for getting followers. Influencer marketing is one way of quickly gaining followers that both new and established companies can use. 


Overview and technique development

Early methods of getting followers on Instagram are no longer acceptable. One of those methods was called follow-for-follow. Those who used the follow for follow method would follow hundreds of accounts every day and then unfollow them a few days later. Some of those accounts would have followed back and stayed as followers because they never noticed they were unfollowed later. Instagram is one of the few social media sites that doesn't make it easy to monitor unfollows, which let even more people get away with the tactic. 

Social media networks have implemented limitations on how many accounts one can unfollow or follow in a day. Some brands use an influencer marketing platform e.g. InfluencerDB or hire influencer management agencies to help them get followers quickly the right way. It starts with having an engaging, professional profile that one's target audience wants to follow. Brands must understand the social media network's unique culture as well to take the right approach in attracting followers. 



  • Greater Exposure: One of the biggest advantages for brands that increase their followers is greater exposure. Every time the brand posts on Instagram, they automatically have an audience ready to see the content. Having 100,000 people the post will show up for is better than only having 1,000. 
  • Develop a Good Reputation: Social media use is a chance for brands to develop a good reputation when they use it well. Businesses should interact with their followers by responding to as many comments as possible to help generate good feelings among followers. This can play a role in customers becoming loyal to the brand. 
  • Establish a Professional Image: People associate a higher follower count with legitimacy and expertise. Brands that want to be viewed as experts need to put effort into getting followers on social media.



  • More Eyes Will See Slip-Ups: When a business makes a mistake in a social media post, a follower is more likely to see it and take a screenshot before the brand deletes it. Minor mistakes aren't a big deal, but something controversial can go viral fast. For this reason, it's essential that businesses don't jump into social media marketing without expert guidance. 


Why businesses should know how to get followers on Instagram

Any brand that uses Instagram should know how to get followers in order to see faster results. Social media marketing can take a while to pay off, even longer when businesses don't know what they're doing. One of the fastest ways to get followers is through influencer marketing. Influencers already have a high number of followers that are engaged with their posts. All it takes is a mention of one's brand to send interested traffic their way. Assuming the brand's social media profile is engaging, some of those followers of the influencer will also follow the business. 

Influence marketing is a legitimate way of gaining followers, as long as influencers let their audience know within the post that they receive benefits from promoting the brand. The FTC accepts the hashtag "#ad" as a disclosure for social media posts as well as “#[BrandName]Partner.” 


Best practices

  • Create an Influence Marketing Strategy: Brands should incorporate influence marketing into their strategy to increase followers quickly. It spreads the brand's name among thousands to hundreds of thousands of potential followers, depending on how many followers the influencer has. Brands can contact an influencer management agency for assistance. 
  • Fill Out the Profile Correctly: Influence marketing won't work if the brand's profile isn't attractive. Brands need to introduce themselves and give visitors a reason to follow them. Use the business's name as the username for the social media site. If the name is taken, then add a relevant keyword to the end of the brand name for the username. 
  • Develop Basic Photography Skills: Photo quality matters on Instagram since it's a photo-centric social media network. Business owners need to learn basic photography skills or put someone in charge who has an understanding of taking good pictures.