Top Australian Influencers on Instagram (2018)

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Whether your brand has the hottest swimwear for beach days on the West and East coasts or summery floral dresses made for spending the day at one of South Australia’s famous wine-growing regions, Australian summer is the ideal setting to showcase your products.

Here are the top 5 Australian fashion influencers who have achieved authentic follower growth, high audience quality, and audience engagement. All of the data are collected and analyzed by using InfluencerDB premium software for influencer marketing and influencer relationship management. 



18-year-old Renee Herbert and her twin sister Elisha Herbert are two of Australia’s biggest fashion influencers and models. The twins started using Instagram and YouTube when they were only 14 years old and scored a deal with fashion brand Peppermayo with fewer than 15,000 followers. Since then their success has grown rapidly. They started modeling around the same time their social media accounts were taking off, and brand requests poured in. With more than 960,000 followers, Herbert’s account still shows a strong follower growth of 1.59 percent and a very good Like Follower Ratio of 6.8 percent. She has collaborated with hair and beauty brand L’Oréal Professional and is currently the face of Le Tan’s Uber Dark tanning product.

Reneeherbert's Instagram stats © InfluencerDB



Mariefeandjakesnow is the unconventional account of Marie and Jake Snow, a pair of bohemian adventurers. The channel showcases the couple’s hippie van life and laid-back travel style, with shots of the couple at beautiful destinations like dreamy beaches and stunning coastlines. The two spend a lot of their time on the beach, so they would be a great match for swimwear brands and simple beach clothing.

While Jake usually wears plain shirts and shorts, Marie is often pictured in light beach dresses. Though still quite small, their account is growing rapidly, at a rate of 12.99 percent. And if that’s not impressive enough, they also have an extremely high Like Follower Ratio of 9.3 percent. The strong increase in followers could be due to several mentions by travel accounts such as the_philippines. As the two are focused on a sustainable lifestyle, they would be a perfect match for sustainable clothing brands or swimwear. But travel agencies and travel equipment could also be interesting for them. They have previously teamed up with German watch brand Kerbholz.

The audience data of this account also very high. It gets A score according to InfluencerDB's audience quality scoring system, in which 93% of them are authentic followers. 

mariefeandjakesnow's Instagram stats © InfluencerDB



Another Australian fashion blogger with a great audience quality grade is Elise Cook with B+ score (83 percent). Like Marie and Jake, Elise is currently living on the road with her husband, exploring New South Wales. The blogger’s style is a mix of long boho dresses and flared jumpsuits, giving her outfits some serious 70’s vibes. She and her husband own a vineyard in South Australia where they make their own wine. Her account captures the magical feeling of enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sunset in your favorite summer dress. Elise seems to love small labels, preferably sustainable ones, with unique styles.

Elisecook's Instagram stats © InfluencerDB



Next up in our lineup of Australian fashion influencers is Alexandra Hoang. Originally from Norway and now based in Sydney, Hoang started blogging a couple of years ago and had a major breakthrough in the blogger scene when she started her own online magazine in 2016. Candid That, which she runs with her sister Tsutsumi, is all about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. These are also the topics of Hoang’s Instagram account. She posts snippets of her daily life, shots of her outfits, and beauty tips. 

In contrast to the other accounts presented here, Hoang has a very sophisticated and minimalist style. She likes to wear chic blouses and elegant dresses in black or white– bright colors and eye-catching prints are rare for her. She has had several partnerships with beauty brands like L’Oréal and Avene as well as jewelry brand Pandora. We think that she would be the perfect match for fashion brands as well!

Lillehoang's Instagram stats © InfluencerDB



Laura Jade Stone might be young but she is already a real fashionista. The 19-year-old rose to fame on Instagram with her creative and distinct style and has grown into one of the most famous Australian fashion influencers. And her account keeps on growing: she has steady follower growth of 1.05 percent.

Her style is very playful, with lots of playsuits and shirts with cute prints (think pineapples and flamingos). But she can also be cool and sporty, wearing denim shorts with her leather jacket casually wrapped around her shoulders. Laura has already had many collaborations with well-known fashion brands such as Boohoo, Paul Hewitt, and Lulus. In addition, she has been featured on The Iconic, a Sydney-based online fashion retailer.

Her audience quality is A- (85 percent of high-quality organic followers)

Laurajadestone's Instagram stats © InfluencerDB