Top Muslim Beauty and Fashion Influencers on Instagram (2018)

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The fashion and beauty world is beginning to celebrate a greater diversity of bodies and styles. As media and customers challenge companies to think beyond traditional notions of beauty, brands have responded with more inclusive campaigns. We’re seeing more hijab-wearing models represented in fashion and beauty campaigns, so we turned to our platform InfluencerDB to find Instagram’s best performing Muslim influencers from the UK. For a closer look at these influencers, check out our the top 3 list below – we’re sure there’s someone for your next influencer marketing campaign.

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23-year-old Sabina Hannan used to work in a nursery but has become a huge success on YouTube over the last two years. On her YouTube channel, the Muslim influencer mainly posts makeup tutorials, most of them are glamorous and dramatic. She also has tutorials for different hijab styles.  She posts personal content as well, opening up about her recent marriage and other topics. Her Instagram feed is a mix of professional-looking makeup styles and outfit posts. And although Hannan says that she’s “quite boring to be honest, I’m like a grandma,” her followers seem to love her personality and style.

Her Instagram account has a steady growth of ~1.00 percent and a high Like-Follower-Ratio of 6.1 percent. Surprisingly, most of her followers are not from the U.K. (only 12.5 percent) but from the U.S. (37.0 percent). With an audience quality grade of B, she makes it to the top of our list of Muslim influencers.

Hannan has had partnerships with well-known brands such as Daniel Wellington, Braun, and the shopping center Westfield London. Due to her affinity for makeup, the London-based influencer would be perfect for beauty and cosmetics brands as well as fashion and lifestyle products. In the future, Hannan hopes to become a successful businesswoman with her own brand. We can’t wait to see more of her!

Sabinahannan's Instagram stats © InfluencerDB



Sebina Hussain is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer who focuses on modest fashion. Modest fashion refers to loose and comfortable clothes that reveal less skin. It could be seen as conservative or even boring, but Hussain proves this view of modest fashion wrong. She displays elegant and trendy outfits with different hijab styles and even gives makeup tutorials from time to time. She invites her followers to take part in her life, talking about topics that concern her as a Muslim woman but also about her recent pregnancy and the newest chapter in her life – being a mum.

Hussain has a great audience quality grade and a constant follower growth. While most of her followers are from the U.S. and the U.K., others hail from a variety of other countries, including Nigeria, Indonesia, and Morocco. So far, Hussain has collaborated with Nivea, Westfield London, and the commuting app Gett Together.

The influencer would be a perfect partner for a variety of brands – fashion and beauty, of course, but the interior and lifestyle products could also be a good fit for her. And the Muslim model from London recently gave birth, so baby clothes and product lines would also be a great match for Hussain.

However, her audience data grade is just D (50% of high-quality organic followers).

Sebinaah's Instagram stats © InfluencerDB



Lifestyle and fashion blogger Dina Torkia is one of the most influential hijab bloggers in the U.K. Torkia has a cool street style, combining jeans and sneakers with baggy sweaters and a beautifully wrapped hijab that matches the color of her outfit. It looks effortless, but it hasn’t always felt that way. The 28-year-old started her YouTube channel in 2011 by talking about her daily struggles to find stylish and fashionable clothes that were suitable for her, and how Muslim women were never represented as stylish.

In her YouTube videos, Torkia wants to create awareness and challenge the ways Muslim women are commonly presented. In 2017, she started a series called “Your Average Muslim.” In the series, she portrayed Muslim women who diverged from typical stereotypes. Characters included a Muslim powerlifter, a hip-hop dancer from Berlin and Muslim women in prison.

Scoring a B- (72 percent), Torkia has a fairly good audience quality grade and her follower count is growing constantly. Most of her followers are female and located in the U.K. or the U.S. Her Instagram account reached its highest earned media value after being mentioned by the official YouTube account as an ambassador for #CreatorsForChange. Torkia has teamed up with Colgate, Revlon and chocolate brand Godiva UK.

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